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Porky’s Pleasanton is now open for business!

Porky’s Pizza Palace Pleasanton will be opening its doors the first quarter of 2019 on the corner of Hopyard and Valley Avenue. (2911 Hopyard Rd.) The restaurant will be taking over the former Straw Hat and Mobile Kangaroo building and will encompass a new look, entrance and outdoor dining.

The Valenziano family has owned Porky’s Pizza Palace San Leandro for over 35 years and looks forward to opening its second location in Pleasanton where the family has grown up. Greg and Gary Valenziano (brothers) look forward to welcoming the community to the new restaurant and having the home town feel when you walk into the building.

The restaurant will have the menu as Porky’s Pizza Palace San Leandro and will include a large craft beer and wine selection, along with 25 70-inch TVs to watch your favorite sports game. The goal of the restaurant is to bring together the community and celebrate good times together.

To follow the construction and grand opening dates, follow us on Instagram at @porkyspizzapleasanton